The Betterley Report
Your Independent Guide to Specialty Insurance Products

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Welcome to The Betterley Report, our publication devoted to the identification and evaluation of specialty insurance products for commercial insureds. The Reports are uniquely designed to help insurance professionals identify and evaluate the best specialty insurance products available.

The Betterley Report is distributed by International Risk Management Institute, Inc. (IRMI) and may be accessed by subscribers on IRMI Online. To purchase a subscription, call IRMI Client Services at (800) 827-4242 or see the package options and pricing on

We designed our Reports so that key information is readily available, allowing you to evaluate the latest offerings your clients should consider - and how they compare to those of your competitors.

Our Reports are free of advertising, which means that you can be confident in the independence of our evaluation. Betterley Risk Consultants owns and provides content for The Betterley Report.

Each Report evaluates a single specialty insurance product (listed below), and is updated annually. Reports include a discussion of the coverage, the major carriers offering the product, including complete contact information, their market focus (such as types of insureds), coverage features and limitations, and value added services. This information is now provided in one easy to read guide.