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Understanding the Cyber Risk Insurance and Remediation Services Marketplace:
A Report on the Experiences and Opinions of Middle Market CFOs (Now $295)

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This special study of the Cyber Risk and Privacy Insurance Experiences and Opinions of Middle Market Chief Financial Officers represents a first of its kind analysis. We originated it because we wanted to test our belief that the Cyber Risk and Privacy insurance market for mid-sized U.S. companies was developing rapidly. It is based upon a series of questions that were asked in a 15-20 minute interview with a small but representative sample of companies in the $10 million - $500 million range, stratified by size where appropriate.

The complete Report includes 43 charts and is approximately 50 pages in length. It includes exclusive data and analysis of the meaning of the responses in areas such as :

Market Penetration and Product Awareness

  • % of respondents that carry Cyber Risk insurance
  • Reasons why they donít buy this insurance
  • Do they intend to buy it in the next 18 months?
  • How they learned of Cyber Risk insurance

Opinions on Product Features

  • Opinions about specific product features for both coverage and services
  • Satisfaction with premium cost
  • Willingness to pay more premium for key product features
  • Satisfaction with limits and deductible options
  • The value of underwriter and broker knowledge

Opinions about Cyber Risk Insurers, Brokers, and Service Providers

  • Which insurers and brokers are insureds and prospective insureds familiar with?
  • Satisfaction with current insurer? Broker?
  • Which service providers are insureds and prospective insureds familiar with?
  • Number of respondents that have had a claim? How satisfied are they with claims handling?

This Executive Summary by Betterley Risk Research examines the responses of these CFOs and explains their meaning in summary form, but does not include the charts and their explanation.

This Report was originally researched and published in 2010; we still offer it as the findings are consistent with our current observations.

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